Praxis on koostanud aruande Põhjamaade kogemusest soolise võrdõiguslikkuse lõimimisel üld- ja kõrgharidusse
Aruandes võetakse kokku Rootsi, Soome ja Norra ekspertide poolt koostatud ülevaated nende riikide kogemusest soolise võrdõiguslikkuse temaatika lõimimisel haridussüsteemi.

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Based on a survey among Members of the Helsinki Group on Gender in Research and Innovation, 2013. EUROPEAN Directorate-General for Research and Innovation Directorate B – Innovation Union and European Research Area Unit B.7 – Science with and for Society

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A Guide for Gender Equality in Teacher Education Policy and Practices

University of Luxembourg, Faculty of Educational Sciences. Gender roles and stereotypes in education and training.Integration of the gender aspect into curricula and practical training for teachers at preschools, at primary and secondary schools.Programme relating to the Community Framework on Gender Equality (2001-2005)